Harry Potter Thursday: Favorite Molly Weasley Moment(s)


Harry Potter Thursday is a meme of the week created and hosted by Uncorked Thoughts. Each week is a different question pertaining to the world of Harry Potter. You can find the questions here.

Who doesn’t love Molly Weasley? She is the ultimate mom. She not only manages to raise seven children and keep her husband from accidentally electrocuting himself (who knows what else he’s hiding in that chicken coop besides a Flying Ford Anglia), but she does it without as many resources as one might like and through the middle of a Wizarding War.

She accepts Harry into her family without question, just because he is Ron’s best friend. There are plenty of families that would’ve seen their son’s friendship with the Boy Who Lived as some kind of social advantage (*cough*Malfoy*cough*), but she just saw someone who liked her son and who needed a bit of mothering.

As such, there are a lot of moments to choose from when thinking about my favorite Molly Weasley moment. I couldn’t narrow it down to one because there were two that popped into my head and neither one of them were giving way.

Chamber of Secrets, Where Have You Been?!


While this is not our first introduction to Molly Weasley either in the films or in the books, this is the first time that we get to see Molly truly in her element: in her home, the Burrow. Yes her tone is harsh, but even though she’s snapping at her sons, she has moments of sweetness because she’s glad Harry’s alright, but she also knows these Weasley boys need discipline. She alternates between the two tempers flawlessly and I think this scene was a faithful adaptation from the source material.

Deathly Hallows, Not My Daughter


If there is one thing you should NEVER do, it is come between Mrs. Weasley and one of her children, especially not long after she’s already lost one of them. Her fierceness in this scene, despite facing an admittedly strong adversary, proves that she is the ultimate Mama Bear character and will do anything for her children. If that includes utterly decimating Bellatrix Lestrange in a one on one duel, then so be it.

Bellatrix never stood a chance.




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11 thoughts on “Harry Potter Thursday: Favorite Molly Weasley Moment(s)

      1. Especially the interactions between her and Arthur! We’ve seen some of the Muggle related antics he gets up to in the books, but what about the things he does on an ordinary day? Does he try to convince her that a toy is some kind of revolutionary idea? I’d imagine so. Maybe even a rubber duck collection after the second movie. *lol*

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