Self/Made #1: The Final Contradiction by Mat Groom (Writer), Eduardo Ferigato, Marcelo Costa (Arist/Cover)

I went into Self/Made unaware of what it was about. The name caught my eye in the email I received from Image Comics and I thought to check it out because “why not”? That was a great decision because it turned out to be a great read from start to finish.

From the art style to the story telling, the team behind this comic is going to be one to follow because what they’ve crafted has got me hooked.


Self/Made #1: The Final Contradiction

Published: 5 December 2018

Publisher: Image Comics

Introducing a new creative team everyone will be talking about—superstar talent writer MAT GROOM and artist EDUARDO FERIGATO. When chaos besieges the kingdom of Arcadia, warrior Amala Citlali sees it as her chance to escape her clearly-defined role—and to change her destiny. But she could never have predicted that it would also be her chance to confront her God. In his debut editorial role, comics veteran KYLE HIGGINS guides this intimate, worlds-spanning story of self-discovery.

Rating: 5 Stars

The concept of a character seeking to escape their role in life is a common enough one, but seeing the unique take that different creators bring to that idea is what makes reading fun. Mathew Groom is no exception, as his main character Amala surely finds out in this first issue. Where she starts is no where near to where she finds herself at the end. I can’t say too much about it because it would be incredibly spoiler-y, but it’s a JOURNEY.

There’s a lot to tackle, from figuring out one’s role to when you should speak up, especially in the face of oncoming danger. Some moral questions coming into play: would you change the outcome of a situation if you had the power to do so? Should you if you have that kind of ability? And just what does it mean to exist?

Issue two cannot come soon enough because Self/Made #1 has a doozy of a cliffhanger.






I received a copy of this book from Image Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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A Rockstar Book Tour Double Cover Reveal & Excerpt Blitz: WITHER & WAYWARD by Jadie Jones

Today Jadie Jones, author of Moonlit & Windswept, The Parliament House, and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover and an exclusive content for WITHER & WAYWARD, the prequel and book 3 of her Young Adult Time Travel Fantasy Romance series which both release in 2019. Check out the awesome covers and enter the giveaway!

Time for the reveals!



Title: WITHER (The Hightower Trilogy 0.5)
Author: Jadie Jones
Pub. Date: 2019
Publisher: The Parliament House
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Find it: Goodreads

For nearly a thousand years, Lucas, an immortal shapeshifter, has waited for Spera, his murdered human lover, to reincarnate. He has no way of knowing when or where she will return, or if she will even look the same in her new life. He must rely on his ability to recognize the actions of her fiery soul and her knack for attracting a killer king’s attention.

After his search leads him to a quiet Norwegian harbor town, a surreal encounter with his own kind leads to devastating consequences, causing Lucas to question his belief in himself and his quest. With his will and options quickly fading, Lucas is offered help from an old enemy who claims to have knowledge of Spera’s return. But it comes at a price: the assassination of the immortal king who took Spera’s life.

With an army raised and a strategy in place, Lucas is ready to attack, until the sudden appearance of a ghost from his past appears, forcing Lucas to take an even bigger risk than attempting to kill a malicious king…letting him live.


WITHER – Prequel to the Hightower Trilogy



Spera’s amber eyes appear first, burning two holes in the dark of my sleeping mind. She’s inches from my face, but she doesn’t see me. No matter how many times this happens, the utter lack of recognition is a knife in my chest.

“Spera,” I hear my voice rasp, her name echoing in my skull as she turns away, her black hair blending into the night that surrounds her.

Another dream. Always the same. Chasing this dead woman through the dark.

I know how it will end: I’ll wake up calling for her, begging her to stop, to turn around, to give me any sign she knows I’m there. She won’t. She never does. But I have to follow her. The ache in my chest grows deeper the farther she goes from me. So, I follow after her, Spera navigating shadows like a ship through still water. I follow in her wake, always trailing, always two steps behind. She startles me by breaking into a run.
She’s never run before. Her bare foot touches the ground, and the black surface turns white. In an instant, snow is falling, blanketing the ground at an incredible rate and speckling her hair with tiny white dots. Another step, and the world around us pulses as the snow gives way to the greens and browns of a forest, trees thick as houses. Another step and the shadows return. The side of her face appears. Her lips part and air rushes out. Her elbows pump as she strides faster, harder.

“Wait!” I bolt after her. My conscious wrestles with the dream, threatening to roust me from this place. My focus clings to the outline of her bare shoulders, to the glint of light from sources unknown playing off her dancing hair. I want to stay where I can see her.

Before my eyes, the color of her hair shifts from black to brown, and then to red. The length shortens, and then spills long down her back again, now changing to blonde.

“Spera! It’s me! It’s Lucas! What’s happening to you? What does this mean? Let me help you!” I cry out.

She veers hard to the left and a ray of light pierces the dark, illuminating her side. She runs toward it. Her image is reduced to an outline as she eclipses the glow. I scramble to keep up. We turn again and the light fades, revealing an inky blue backdrop. The ground turns cool and damp on my bare feet. A roar grows overhead. The scent of salt fills my nose. The sensations are so vivid I have to remind myself I’m asleep.

I force my gaze away from her for a moment and look up at the blue walls, which quiver with instability. Water. We’re standing between two bodies of water that stretch so high I can’t discern where the water ends and the sky begins. A single bead of ocean water trickles down the left side to the black sand at my feet and my heart begins to pound.




Title: WAYWARD (The Hightower Trilogy #3)
Author: Jadie Jones
Pub. Date: 2019
Publisher: The Parliament House
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Find it: Goodreads

Tanzy’s journey races toward an explosive end in Wayward, the third book of the
Hightower Trilogy.

Tanzy Hightower has crossed the veil between the Seen and Unseen worlds. She is now
the only mortal in a land teeming with creatures who want her dead. To stay alive long enough to stop Asher and seal the door between worlds, she is forced to accept his marriage proposal and seek refuge inside his fortress. Tanzy is certain she can withstand any offers he makes to tempt her into opening the door, but he possesses a bargaining chip she could never have imagined.

On the Seen side of the veil, Tanzy’s allies are fragmented, lost, and leaderless. They must learn to work together as they gather more candidates and begin training to defend their world against unfathomable predators poised to strike should the veil holding them at bay dissolve. While Tanzy has accepted her own inevitable death in fulfilling her destiny, her closest friends refuse to stop searching for the impossible: a way to save Tanzy’s life.

A choice will be made. The veil will change. The worlds as Tanzy knows them will never be the same.


WAYWARD – Book 3 in the Hightower Trilogy



(Told from Tanzy’s point of view)

Asher’s realm stretches in front of me: a diamond tundra, the air a series of rainbows as light is refracted from the prismatic ground and reflected a million times over. The sight is impossible, glorious, breathtaking…

But my mind, my focus, my every nerve ending is centered on what—on who—is behind me; the king of this realm—Asher. His breath warms the base of my neck, and the heat from his body is near enough to send shivers up my spine. He baited me into a third kill by sending a phony candidate to attack Jayce. Jayce—who fought for me, and fought like hell for the truth—always the truth. Jayce, who might be dead, whose blood covered Reese’s shirt when she was forced through the veil with me after I killed Genesis.

In this moment, I have two truths: One—I must kill Asher, even though I have no idea how. Two—if I lose ground to Asher, I will not regain it.

My body explodes into motion. My heel aims for the dip between his thigh and his knee. Asher is faster, dropping his leg back. My momentum carries me too far forward. I stumble sideways and brace for the blow I’ve left myself open to receive.

It doesn’t come.

I fight the urge to back away. I can’t run from him—there’s no point, and I swore I would never again back down in his presence. A stupid oath, in hindsight, but it sounded good at the time, and I am roughly ninety-five percent certain he won’t kill me here and now. I also vowed to live long enough to seal the veil between our two worlds. In this moment, with that five percent feeling bigger by the second, I’m not sure I can keep both promises.

In white linen pants and a fitted t-shirt, Asher doesn’t look dressed for a fight. He puts his hands in his pockets and saunters closer, a smile on his white lips, sunlight gleaming in his black hair. “We both know you can’t kill me on my side of the veil, Tanzy. And if I wanted you dead, I’d simply leave you for the Taigo,” he says. “Any of them would be very eager to collect the bounty their leader has placed on your head.”

“I’m an Unseen now. No one can kill me here but you,” I retort, clenching my hands so he won’t see them tremble. I wonder if they’re still stained with Genesis’s blood.

Asher’s brow lifts in amusement at my misinformation. “You’re not Unseen. You are very capable of dying.”


Grab book 1 WILDWOOD!
Grab book 2 WINDSWEPT!   


About Jadie:

Young-adult author. Equine professional. Southern gal. Pacific Northwest Transplant. Especially fond of family, sunlight, and cookie dough.​​

I wrote my first book in seventh grade, filling one hundred and four pages of a black and white Mead notebook. Back then I lived for two things: horses and R.L. Stine books. Fast forward nearly twenty years, and I still work with horses, and hoard books like most women my age collect shoes. It’s amazing how much changes… and how much
stays the same.

​The dream of publishing a novel has hitch-hiked with me down every other path I’ve taken (and there have been many.) Waitress, farm manager, road manager, bank teller, speech writer, retail, and more. But that need to bring pen to paper refused to
quiet. Finally, in 2009, I sat down, pulled out a brand new notebook, and once
again let the pictures in my head become words on paper.

​As a child, my grandfather would sit me in his lap and weave tales about the Cherokee nation, and a girl who belonged with horses. His words painted a whole new world, and my mind would take flight. My hope – my dream – is that Tanzy’s journey does the same
for you.


Website | Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest| Facebook| Goodreads


Giveaway Details

One lucky winner will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card (Open INT)


A Rafflecopter Giveaway






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A Rockstar Book Tour: Protecting the Wolf’s Mate by Sasha Summers – An Excerpt & Giveaway!

Fans of Sasha Summers’ Blood Moon Brotherhood series will be excited to learn that the newest entry in the series debuted earlier this week. Protecting the Wolf’s Mate tells the story of Ellen, her quest for vengeance, and an irresistible connection to Hollis, the man who rescued her from a maniacal captor and who her wolf calls to as a mate.

Rockstar Book Tours is running a fantastic tour with excerpts, reviews, and a giveaway (open INT) where one winner can win an Amazon gift card. Please be sure to check out not only the excerpt below, but all the tour stops on the Protecting the Wolf’s Mate tour.


Protecting the Wolf’s Mate by Sasha Summers


Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads | iBooks

Published: 22 October 2018

Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC (Covet)

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 346

Category: Romance

Ellen has one goal: vengeance. With little memory of her life before her imprisonment by a maniacal werewolf, her world has been full of pain, humiliation, and fear. But now that she’s been rescued, her need for revenge is challenged by the urge to be part of a pack… and the unshakable connection to, Hollis, the man her wolf claims as their mate.
Hollis will do whatever it takes to protect his pack, and that includes looking after Ellen, who doesn’t need or want his help. He’s determined to keep her safe, even though she’s hell-bent on revenge, even if that means sacrificing himself. And it might come to that when the big bad comes back for the one woman he can’t live without.




“What about your instinct, Hollis? The pull inside? You feel it, science or instinct, call it what you will.”

For an instant, he leaned into her hand, surprising them both.

“Go run.” He stepped away from her, the edge to his voice unmistakable. “I’ll follow.”

She lingered, staring at him, tempted to argue. But her wolf was done with arguing.

The change was quick. Years of practice eased each bone realignment, muscle dislocation, and shifting of internal organs. Giving in made all the difference. Anticipating, being fearful or timid, turned a perfectly natural event into something painful and traumatic. When her skin was covered with a thick grey coat and her claws sank into the ground beneath her feet, she stretched. It was so good.

“You make that look so damn easy,” he murmured.

She rubbed against him, throwing her full weight against his thighs and almost knocking him to the ground. He laughed, pushing her off of him.

She grabbed the waist of his pants with her teeth and tugged, hoping he’d follow her.

“I’m coming,” he mumbled, still smiling.


About the Author




Sasha Summers grew up surrounded by books. Her passions have always been storytelling, romance and travel–passions she’s used to write more than 20 romance novels and novellas. Now a best-selling and award winning-author, Sasha continues to fall a little in love with each hero she writes.
From easy-on-the-eyes cowboy, sexy alpha-male werewolves, to heroes of truly mythic proportions, she believes that everyone should have their happy ending–in fiction and real life.

Sasha lives in the suburbs of the Texas Hill country with her amazing and supportive family and her beloved grumpy cat, Gerard, The Feline Overlord. She looks forward to hearing from fans and hopes you’ll visit her online.


Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Goodreads



1 Winner will receive a $15 Amazon Gift Card (open INT)


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Tour Schedule


10/22/2018- Texan Holly Reads– Excerpt

10/22/2018- BookHounds– Excerpt

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10/23/2018- Parajunkee– Spotlight

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10/26/2018- Don’t Judge, read– Review

10/26/2018- Books a Plenty Book Reviews– Review

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A Rockstar Book Tour: Successor by Rae Miles – An Excerpt & Giveaway!

A striking cover, an intriguing story. Rae Miles’ Successor, out today, catches the attention of anyone who’s eye lands upon it. Today, courtesy of Rockstar Book Tours, I’m pleased to present an excerpt from this new novel as well as a link to a Rafflecopter giveaway for US entrants to win a copy of Successor, plus swag handmade by the author!


AmazonBarnes & Noble | Book DepositoryGoodreads | iBooksIndiebound

Published: 24 October 2018

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Formats: Paperback, e-book

For seventeen-year-old Evan, graduation means the freedom to leave behind her small-town life and find where she belongs. She never expected it to be in a different world.

Across time and space, deep in a mysterious jungle, Evan discovers the hidden heritage of her mother’s people and her own legacy. She becomes their elemental, a protector gifted with the power to control nature. The role has its challenges, but the biggest is the inexplicable connection with her scarred bodyguard, Ren. Frustrated and fascinated by him, Evan resists the magnetic pull after realizing there’s more to it than simple attraction.

Claiming her birthright reignites the wrath of a ruthless enemy with a score to settle. To protect her new family, Evan will need to call on her formidable power. But embracing it could cause her to lose herself and the man who holds her heart.

Finding out about powers you never knew you had is one of my favorite story lines. It sounds like Evan is going to have a lot to learn, not to mention a love interest in the picture. In the excerpt I’ve chosen for my post, there’s a hint of danger, tension, and a glimmer of what may be the spark between Evan and Ren, her bodyguard. Will he be the person that Evan falls in love with or will something else happens further along in the story? What lead them to be in this frightful situation?

Successor is out today, so be sure to pick up your own copy to find out.



Panic swells in my chest. I can’t pull myself up. I do the one thing I can think of.


Within seconds he’s there, lying on his stomach and reaching down to me. He snags my wrist, tugs my hand free of the roots, and pulls. “Climb!”

My feet dig into the soft earth, and I claw at the roots as he helps me toward the top. My knees and feet find purchase on the wood snarls, and my free hand sinks into the long grass at the edge of the pit. Ren pulls his knees under him for leverage, and with a hard yank he hauls me above ground. I tumble into him, and we topple to the ground in a heap of dirty limbs.

Several dazed seconds pass before I realize I’ve fallen on top of him. I’m lying flush against his bare chest, my face against his damp neck. The unexpected contact makes me jump, and I start to raise myself off him. He grasps my arms and pushes up…and stops with my face right in front of his. Like, right there.

My breath catches, and his gaze locks on mine. My lungs stutter back into gear with a noisy wheeze, my breath fanning his face. He stills, his eyes flaring wide and his stomach turning rigid. His hold on my arms tightens, and I can’t help but wonder if he’s holding me in place instead of pushing me away.


About the Author




I’m super excited to talk with readers and answer any questions you might have. My debut, Successor, is scheduled to release on 10/24/18, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

A little about me. I love reading, especially romance. I’m one of those people who needs a least a little bit of romance in a story for it to really catch my attention. I also love YA, and probably have more favorite authors in the genre than in romance.

When I’m not writing or reading, I’m usually watching movies–I have probably 800+ in my collection by now. I’ve recently gotten into painting, which I’m quickly falling in love with. I tend to be a bit crafty, so if I’m doing a giveaway, chances some of my handmade items will be included! I’m almost always listening to music, and my tastes are pretty eclectic. I also have 3 cats, which Successor is actually dedicated to!

That’s enough about me for now. I’d love to hear from you! I can also be found on twitter and on my website.


Website | Twitter |  Goodreads




3 Winners will receive a finished copy of SUCCESSOR and handmade swag from Rae


a Rafflecopter giveaway



Tour Schedule

Week One:

10/15/2018- Here’s to Happy Endings– Excerpt

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Week Two:

10/22/2018- Oh Hey! Books. Interview

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10/23/2018- TMBA Corbett Tries to Write– Interview

10/23/2018- Owl Always Be Reading– Excerpt

10/24/2018- The Hermit Librarian– Excerpt

10/25/2018- Rockin’ Book Reviews– Spotlight

10/26/2018- Ace Reads– Excerpt






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Top Ten Tuesday: Villains


Heroes are often the main star of the book, the person we’re following throughout the literary journey. While that’s all well and good, there’s someone else to consider: the villain, whether that’s an actual villain, an anti-hero, or a so-called villain when the hero is not quite who they seem to be, despite what the narrative would tell us.

This week’s TTT topic is about our favorite villains and I’m expanding that a wee bit to also include anti-heroes and ambiguous characters that might not quite fit the mold of villain but also aren’t heroes in the traditional sense.

I’ll also be abbreviating my list a bit, so please forgive the shortness.



Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. Upcoming topics and past TTT topics can be found here.



AIDAN (The Illuminae Files)


While AIDAN might be viewed as a villain in Illuminae due to some of the actions it takes, I’d hesitate to call AIDAN an out and out villain. As the book and series progresses, that line blurs and AIDAN’s evolution make it hard to distinguish just what or who AIDAN is. I loved reading AIDAN’s thought processes and look forward to rereading this series at some point so I can revisit this fascinating character.


Kaz Brekker (Six of Crows duology)


Kaz would be the first person to tell you that he’s no hero. An anti-hero, perhaps? Whatever he is, his machinations were so much fun to watch unfold in the Six of Crows duology.


Xifeng (Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, Rise of the Empress #1)



Xifeng, an East Asian inspired Evil Queen, is given an origin story in Forest of a Thousand Lanterns. Reading about her history, about the reasons she becomes who she’s destined to be, deepened her character and I’m not sure what it’s going to be like in the next book in the series. Growing up thinking there’s one version of the Evil Queen, even knowing what Xifeng did as a young woman to get to where she was at the end of this book, there’s a level of understanding that I didn’t have before. I loved finding a new history, even if the execution of the novel wasn’t my favorite.


Victor Vale (Vicious, Villains #1)



Is Victor a villain? That depends on who you ask, I think. Eli would certainly think so. Of course, others would claim that Eli’s a villain, especially considering his actions in Vicious. Victor does some things that are questionable, that’s for sure. If we’re talking a sliding scale, he’s probably on the slippery slope toward Villainy and I think I’m okay with that because it’s a weird kind of justifiable villainy. Does that make sense? *lol*


Joe Goldberg (You, You #1)



Oh yeah, Joe’s a villain through and through. A no questions to be had about it bad guy. Stalker, murderer, etc. He probably wouldn’t agree with that assessment, but that’s not the point. The interesting thing about the book is that it’s told from his perspective and because of that method, and because of the genuine horribleness of the other people we come into contact with, the reader actually comes to sympathize with Joe. It was such a conflicting book to read, knowing that the narrator was such a terrible person at his core, but also agreeing with some of his points of view. The author was very skilled at her craft in this instance.













All media (pictures, quotes, etc.) belong to the respective owners and are used here solely for the purpose of review and commentary.

The Resolutions by M. Garcia Spotlight & Giveaway

Every New Year’s Eve the question of resolutions comes up. What kind of intentions do we want to set for ourselves as the calendar switches and the slate wipes clean? What if, though, the tables were flipped and our friends were the ones choosing those resolutions instead? Mia Garcia poses that situation for Jess, Ryan, Nora, and Lee, the main characters of her new novel, The Resolutions.

Senior year can be difficult and Jess wants to find security in returning to something comforting, like the tradition of the resolutions her friend group made…with a twist: making them for each other. What kind of trouble or amazing adventures will this kind of idea create?

Most of us can find out 11.13 when The Resolutions releases (preorder links below!) but for one lucky person an ARC and swag pack are up for grabs! 10/18-10/31 I’m hosting a giveaway of the goodies pictured below and a winner will then be selected to receive the prize pack directly from Mia Garcia herself.  Read below for more details.



Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | Goodreads | Indiebound

Published: 13 November 2018

Publisher: HarperCollins/Katherine Tegen Books

Category: Contemporary/Young Adult/LGBT+

New Years are for fresh starts, but Jess just wants everything to go back to the way it was.

From hiking trips, to four-person birthday parties, to never-ending group texts, Jess, Lee, Ryan, and Nora have always been inseparable—and unstoppable. But now, with senior year on the horizon, they’ve been splintering off and growing apart. And so, as always, Jess makes a plan.

Reinstating their usual tradition of making resolutions together on New Year’s Eve, Jess adds a new twist: instead of making their own resolutions, the four friends assign them for each other—dares like kiss someone you know is wrong for you, show your paintings, learn Spanish, say yes to everything.

But not even the best laid plans can take into account the uncertainties of life. As the year unfolds, Jess, Ryan, Nora, and Lee each test the bonds that hold them together. And amid first loves, heart breaks, and life-changing decisions, beginning again is never as simple as it seems.

About the Author




García was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She moved to New York where she studied creative writing at The New School, worked in publishing, and lived under a pile of to-be-read books. She is the author of Even If the Sky Falls and the upcoming The Resolutions from Katherine Tegen books (an imprint of Harper Collins) coming November 13, 2018.


Instagram  |  Tumblr Twitter




One winner will receive an arc of The Resolutions and a swag pack

Open to US entrants only, 10/18-10/31.


a Rafflecopter giveaway








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A Rockstar Book Tour Release Day Blitz: Court of Secrets by Dyan Chick

I am pleased to share that Dyan Chick’s new book, Court of Secrets, is available now and I get to take part in sharing the news!

Thank you to Rockstar Book Tours for hosting this Release Day Blitz. Please be sure to visit their website here. There are frequent tours, including reviews, interviews, and more, to enjoy.

If Dyan Chick is a new-to-you author, be sure to check out all the details on Court of Secrets below AND the details of the giveaway that Dyan has been so gracious as to sponsor as part of the blitz. Giveaway details will be at the bottom of this post.

Court of Secrets_Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing_72dpi

Court of Secrets (Reverse Harem Fantasy) – Forbidden Queen #1 by Dyan Chick

Amazon | Goodreads

Published: 15 October 2018

Publisher: Illaria Publishing LLC

Category: Reverse Harem/Fantasy

Formats: Paperback, e-book

Pages: 216

Four Sexy Fae Princes. A Changeling Fae. A Secret that could end them all. 

When Cassia’s wedding is ruined by a monster attack, her whole life changes. Destined for the dull and uneventful life of a Baron’s wife, Cassia always dreamed of more. She never thought it would come in the form of three sexy fae princes.

When she accidentally uses magic, Cassia discovers that she’s not human. She’s a changeling, a fae hidden in the human world. She no longer belongs in the human realm, but she won’t survive on her own in Faerie.

Now, her only hope is the three sexy fae princes who saved her life on her wedding day. On the run from the monsters that attacked her, Cassia must help the princes hunt them down. Her life depends on them, and by the time this is over, they might need her as much as she needs them.

Court of Secrets is a full-length Reverse Harem Fantasy Novel

Book 1 of 4


About Dyan




My story is probably similar to a lot of other writers out there. As a kid, I was creative, imaginative, and loved to write. I’d write scripts for plays and make my sisters act them out. I got excited about the writing prompts for standardized tests in elementary school. I started writing my first (unfinished) novel in 5th grade. Then started another one in middle school. For a long time, I was a closet writer. I didn’t tell anybody that I had a hard drive full of abandoned stories. After years of not finishing anything, I finally took the plunge and started taking writing, and myself as a writer, seriously. My first novel, Heir of Illaria, published January 23, 2017. Book 2 is right around the corner. It’s gone from closet hobby to full on addiction. Thankfully, I have a wonderfully supportive
husband who doesn’t look at me like I’m crazy when I talk about my characters
as if they’re real.


Sign up for Dyan’s Newsletter!

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads




I walked into the room and tried not to let the fact that Dane was going to be staying the night in the same room as me get to me. The door shut behind me and I could feel the presence of another person even though I wasn’t looking at him.

Even when I was a young child, I had slept in my own room. When I was very young, I remember Nani occasionally sleeping on the floor near my bed if I had nightmares. But when I woke in the morning, she was never there. So I knew she just stayed for a short time and then went to her own sleeping quarters.

It was strange to know that someone else was in there with me. I looked around the room and felt my chest tighten at the sight of the small bed that took up most of the space. It would be difficult to even find enough floor space to stretch out on for a normal person, not to mention someone as tall and broad as Dane. The bed might even be too short for him, but it was wide enough for two people. My cheeks heated when I realized the only logical sleeping arrangement would be for the two of us to share the bed.

I turned around to ask Dane what he thought and let out a squeak of surprise.

Dane froze halfway through removing one of the legs of his trousers.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“You don’t expect me to sleep in these filthy clothes, do you?” he asked.

I stared at him, my mouth hanging open, as I tried to think of something to say. He finished removing his trousers and when he dropped them to the floor, a cloud of dust rose from them.

I had to concede that he was right, our clothes were filthy. As much as I didn’t want to sleep in the dust from the road, I wasn’t sure I was ready to sleep naked next to Dane.

“Surely you’ve seen men without their clothes on,” Dane said as he lifted his tunic over his head.

I stared at him, blinking in silence, taking in every inch of his bare chest. From the firm chest muscles to the rippling muscles of his abdomen and finally, pausing at the V shaped indent of his hips. Thankfully, he was still wearing some undergarments to cover the lower portion. Yet, I found myself curious to know what he looked like completely naked.

“I’ve never been with a man. Remember you met me on my wedding day. Nothing really happened after that,” I said.

“I forget,” he said with a knowing smile, “you humans don’t let yourself have very much fun.”

“You’re the ones who keep saying I’m not human. It’s very confusing when you keep lumping me in with them,” I said, feeling frustrated.




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