Hello! My name is Heather and I’ve been blogging as The Hermit Librarian for over a year now. It’s been a great pleasure to share my thoughts and learn of new books through my blog. Here on my blog, I’ll bring you reviews and memes, fun times, and honesty, whether the books are 5 stars or 1 star.

My favorite genres are young adult and sci-fi/fantasy, though I am expanding my reading scope to include new genres on this blog such as Cooking and General Fiction.

I’m aiming to read 100 books this year. If you’d like to see how I’m doing on my Goodreads challenge, please follow this link.

Review policy: I have quite a full plate. However, I will entertain requests for reviews of books in the following genres: young adult, graphic novels, manga, and children’s fiction. This does not guarantee that I will select your request for review. I reserve the right to accept or decline any and all offers at any time.

You may contact me via email: hermitlibrarian@hotmail.com.




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