Black Lives Matter

What voice I have here on The Hermit Librarian reaches out to stand with the Black community.

Black Lives Matter!

Not saying anything only perpetuates the ongoing wrongness and that can’t continue. In the future, we’ve got to endeavor to do better uplifting Black voices in the community. I will be doing so, as well as educating myself and those around me on how to be anti-racist, contributing to related causes & bail funds, and sharing news to make sure people are held accountable.

So far I have donated to the following causes and intend to do more:

In Memory of Tony Mcdade (a Black trans man who was shot and killed by a Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) officer) – funds to be donated to Tony’s family.

The Liberty Fund (NYC’s first city wide charitable bail fund)

Below is a graphic showing a number of ways that you can help, whether monetarily or otherwise. Petitions, texting, callings: so many ways to say Black Lives Matter.


Click on the picture above for ways you can help.

If you’re looking for books to read, Bookshop has a list that may be of interest: This List is Anti-Racist.

Afoma Umesi has a list of 45 Best Black Young Adult (YA) Novels to Add to Your TBR in 2020.

Below is a graphic of Black owned bookstores that you can order any of the above books from to support Black owned businesses now and in the future. Thank you to Duende District and Lupita Reads for their work/collaboration to create it.

This is nowhere the end of things or the limit of resources out there. Continue to look for yourself, educate yourself, and stand up.