The Hermit Librarian: 2020 Goals

One of my favorite things about the New Year is setting a new reading goal. Granted this is also kind of stressful, but what can you do? 😂

Do I set an extreme goal? Do I go low and meet it earlier? I usually can’t go with the latter because it feels a little like cheating to me, so I try to find a compromise.

My 2019 goal started at 150 but got lowered to 100. I ended up being able to read 139, so this year’s goal is now at 145.

2020 goal

Now, aside from that, what kind of reading do I want to do? 145 books leaves a lot of room to work with, right? Well, one of the big projects/readathons I’m taking part in this year is CW’s #StartOnYourShelfAThon.


It technically started on December 15th, 2019 but I didn’t get very far as I was in a rush to meet my 2019 reading goal with newer books. The goal is to read the books you have on your shelf (physical/digital/etc) that have been waiting for you for ages. To say that I have a fair few of these would be an understatement. I couldn’t possibly finish all of them, so my tweak to CW’s readathon is that for every backlist book I read off my shelf, I get to read a newer book.

You can read all the details & how to sign up here: Castor’s Start On Your Shelfathon!

CW is also one of the hosts for the Year of the Asian 2020 Reading Challenge, so of course I have to do that too. 🥰😂 The other hosts are:

The post with those details is here.

I also want to take part in the South-Asian Reading Challenge, another year long goal that challenges you to read more South-Asian books (you can read up on all the details here and sign up yourself). Some of the titles I want to read for this challenge are Scavenge the Stars by Tara Sim and My So-Called Bollywood Life by Nisha Sharma. Do you have any recommendations for other titles?


As for blogging goals? I want to try and set up an audiobook feature that I’ve been toying with because I love them a whole lot and I think they’re super important for accessibility and enjoyment.

I want to visit fellow bloggers more often and comment as often as possible. There are amazing posts out there, lots of hard work going on, and it deserves appreciation. 😊

My personal life goals aren’t too much besides listening to my body, including my mental health, learning when I need to take breaks, that sort of thing. If that includes taking naps, a break from reading? So be it. It’s okay to do that, even in the face of a Goodreads goal that might seem intimidating. Whew, how hard was that to write? It’s been hard to come to that, but hey, 2020!

What kind of goals are y’all setting for yourselves, if any? Are there any books you’re looking forward in the New Year? Let me know in the comment section below.

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