[Review] Audio Excerpt – F*ck No! by Sarah Knight

I’m a big fan of audiobooks and it made me enormously happy when, a few days ago, NetGalley announced that they were rolling out an audio program.


Screenshot (30)


While it only involves excerpts for the moment, it looks like there will be full audiobooks in the future. I’m hopeful because this is a big step in accessibility for reviewers. One thing I don’t like at present is that the information pages for each book do not note who the narrators are, just the author of the original text.

One of the first books I’ve sampled and I’ll review is F*ck No! by Sarah Knight. Note: please remember, these are only excerpts that NetGalley is offering and that I’m reviewing, not the full book. As such, the criteria for review is a bit different.


Do you like the narrator?


Yes. F*ck No is narrated by Sarah Knight, the author. Her voice is very clear, words enunciated clearly, and from the length of the excerpt, I think would be pleasant to listen to at length (a crucial quality).

There was no extraneous background noise and the sound quality itself was crisp. Given the way the introduction was narrated, it’s my opinion that much of the text would feel like the advice/help that is being dispensed in text would feel like you were being spoken to rather than being preached at, something that usually drives me away from self help books.


Did this excerpt give you a good sense of the book?


Yes. Thankfully, unlike some excerpts on Audible, starts in the beginning i.e. the introduction, so the reader is given a good idea of what the premise is and where things are going to proceed.


Do you want to hear the rest of this audiobook?


Yes. This is a self-help type book, not a genre I generally pick up, but the narrator’s vocal appeal makes me consider it.


Would you recommend this audiobook to others?


Yes. It sounds like it’s going to be fun and engaging, at the very least somewhat interesting. The narrator is a good one, the excerpt of the text appealing.  There’s something about the intro, about the possibility of assistance in figuring out how to approach saying “no”, that makes the book an addition to my TBR.

As for why the audiobook? I think hearing the advice aloud in this instance might be more helpful rather than reading the text and hearing it in my own inner voice.


about the book - Copy



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Published: 31 December 2019

Publisher: Voracious

Genre(s): Nonfiction/Self Help

How to say no without being an a**hole, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck

Are you burnt out from taking on more than you can handle or accepting less than you deserve? Tired of giving in instead of sticking up for yourself? Sick of saying yes all the time? You’re gonna love F*CK NO!

No is an acceptable answer, and it’s time to start using it. Whether you’re a People-Pleaser, Overachiever, Pushover, or have serious FOMO, bestselling “anti-guru” Sarah Knight helps you say what you really mean without being really mean–or burning out for fear of missing out.

Life is so much better when you say no with confidence–and without guilt, fear, or regret. F*ck No! delivers practical strategies that give you the power to decline, and concrete examples that put the words right into your mouth. You’ll discover:

The joy of no
No-Tips for all occasions
How to set boundaries
Fill-in-the-blank F*ckNotes

The No-and-Switch, the Power No–and how to take no for an answer yourself
And much more!






I listened to a free excerpt of this audiobook via NetGalley’s audiobook program in exchange for an honest review. Quotes included are from an advanced reader copy and may not reflect the finalized copy.

All media belongs to the respective owners and is used here solely for the purpose of review and commentary.


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