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The first in a new duology from Rin Chupeco, author of The Girl from the Well and The Bone Witch, The Never Tilting World introduces a new world to fans and new readers alike. A world torn apart by great betrayal, each half cloaked in sun or night, and the ruler of each keeping more than their share of secrets about what happened at the Breaking.

Thank you to the Fantastic Flying Book Club for having me on the blog tour for Rin’s new book. I can’t wait to share my thoughts about this magical new story with you.

about the book - Copy


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Published: 15 October 2019
Publisher: HarperTeen
Genre(s): Fantasy/Young Adult/LGBT+

Frozen meets Mad Max in this epic teen fantasy duology bursting with star-crossed romance, immortal heroines, and elemental magic, perfect for fans of Furyborn.

Generations of twin goddesses have long ruled Aeon. But seventeen years ago, one sister’s betrayal defied an ancient prophecy and split their world in two. The planet ceased to spin, and a Great Abyss now divides two realms: one cloaked in perpetual night, the other scorched by an unrelenting sun.

While one sister rules Aranth—a frozen city surrounded by a storm-wracked sea —her twin inhabits the sand-locked Golden City. Each goddess has raised a daughter, and each keeps her own secrets about her sister’s betrayal.

But when shadowy forces begin to call their daughters, Odessa and Haidee, back to the site of the Breaking, the two young goddesses —along with a powerful healer from Aranth, and a mouthy desert scavenger —set out on separate journeys across treacherous wastelands, desperate to heal their broken world. No matter the sacrifice it demands.


Rep: F/F, disabled MCs, PTSD

content warnings - Copy

Some slightly gorey imagery

what i enjoyed

  • Lan & Odessa’s bonding over books prior to Lan finding out Odessa’s identity
  • Haidee’s empathy for the Great Whale. It’s a heartbreaking scene in Arjun’s first chapter that Arjun views as idiocy because she is unguarded, but I see her empathy & her heart breaking for the death of such a creature.
  • Aesthetically: how the goddesses have multicolored hair that seems to float as though in the wind, regardless of the actual weather around them.
  • The magic system of elemental Gates wherein a person can access one kind unless they’re a Goddess (who can switch between & manipulate all Gates).
  • Odessa when she was trying to figure out how to attract/seduce Lan. It was so “disaster gay” and I loved her for it.
  • Haidee’s brains & personality. She’s a mechanika, working on the machinery that keeps the Golden City she resides in pumping water so vital to life in a sun-laden world. Aside from that, though, there’s a scene where she leaps from a window with a self-made parachute. She’s brave, fiddly with inventions and machines, and curious as well as brave and brilliant.
  • The mysteries that weave throughout the book, entwining with some prophecies and rituals regarding the goddesses. They were a bit confusing at times, not knowing who to trust, what bits I was reading were accurate, but I was interested to find out as bit by bit was revealed.
  • The various settings sounded amazing: from the Lunar Lakes to the Golden City, I tried imagining these vastly different settings and thought them each intriguing in their own way.

what i didn't enjoy - Copy

  • There were a few occasions when some of the written settings didn’t seem to correspond to the map in the finished copy of the book, making it hard to rationalize these settings or movements in my head. It was very frustrating.
  • The descriptions of the creatures (gallas) felt lacking at times while at others they seemed to have unique, visually interesting features.
  • The sailing expedition with Lan, Odessa & crew felt overly complex and difficult to visualize when the ship was being maneuvered through “riverwinds”.

The weaving of secrets and humor, along with a set of characters I was interested to learn more about through motivation and action, made for an enjoyable book. It felt a bit different than previous works by the same author, but still very good as a fan of those past books. Definitely one to which I’m looking forward to the sequel!

Favorite Quotes

IT WAS CLEARLY HIS FAULT I’d punched him in the face.

It was one thing to intervene while a man was being beaten, but it was another thing entirely to intervene in Catseye business. Especially with a Catseye who’d just been stood up by her date.

The Royal Sun Goddess, Heiress to the Realms of Light, Blessed of the Sun, Second of the Blood, and enemy of my people, was a blithering idiot.

“I had literally battered down seas, dispelled storms. Surely coming clean about my feelings was an easier task.”

about the author - Copy


Despite an unsettling resemblance to Japanese revenants, Rin always maintains her sense of hummus. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, she keeps four pets: a dog, two birds, and a husband. Dances like the neighbors are watching.
She is represented by Rebecca Podos of the Helen Rees Agency. She is also fond of speaking in the third person, and may as well finish this short bio in this manner. While she does not always get to check her Goodreads page, she does answer questions posed to her here as promptly as she is able to.

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Win a finished copy of THE NEVER TILTING WORLD by Rin Chupeco, character stickers and art prints for all four characters of the NEVER TILTING WORLD (INT)

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Quotes included are from an advanced reader copy and may not reflect the finalized copy.

All media belongs to the respective owners and is used here solely for the purpose of review and commentary.

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