#RetellingAThon Announcement Post

Tis the summer of Readathons in these here parts!

Apparently taking a break is only sort of taking a break for me. ^^; While I’m scaling back on some commitments in order to rest, I am trying to read more for enjoyment to scale back on stress (possibly the source of some of the trouble I’ve had recently).

What has that resulted in recently? Readathons up the wazoo! The most special of all being…


The RetellingAThon!


Created by Tay and Missy from Frayed Books, the ReTellingAThon is about reading books (retellings, of course) that fall under one of four categories: Classics, Fairy Tales, Mythology, or Shakespeare.

Each week we’ll be reading one kind of retelling, a host will be sharing their recommendations for the following week, and social media will be abuzz among the hosts with updates. It’s pretty laid back overall, but if you have any questions be sure to ask away. 🙂

Be sure to visit everyone’s blog and don’t forget to sign up and choose a team!


Sign Up Here!


I’ll be hosting Team Shakespeare and look forward to seeking out the different interpretations of the Bard’s work.





Tay at Frayed Books

Harker at The Hermit Librarian

Jennifer Mitchell at JM_Bibliolater

Umairah at Sereadipity



RetellingAThon Schedule



August 1st-8th

Host: Tay at Frayed Books



August 9th-16th

Host: Harker at The Hermit Librarian



August 17th-24th

Host: Umairah at Sereadipity

Fairy Tales


August 25th-31st

Host: Jennifer Mitchell at JM_Bibliolater




Need Retelling Reading Ideas?


Starting next week #RetellingAThon will be releasing prompts for each team to aide you in creating your TBRs. In the meantime, think about what kind of retellings you might like to read. What team would be right for you? Personally I hope you’ll join Team Shakespeare, but whatever feels best for you is what is right!

EpicReads did a Epic Chart of YA Retellings in 2014 that has some great ideas y’all can use as a jumping off point. There have been a lot since then and this readathon isn’t limited to one age group of books, so feel free to think outside of YA.






All media belongs to the respective owners and is used here solely for the purpose of review and commentary.

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