Bree Howland’s Bring Me Home Blog Tour – An Excerpt of the New Novel!

When her absolute certainty is shattered, Kailey has to learn how to adapt and pick up the pieces to her new life, figuring out whether the past will reconcile with the future she’d once imagined or whether too much will have changed, including her best friend, Cole.

Bree Howland’s new novel, Bring Me Home, will not only provide readers with a warming story to curl up with, but a good feeling knowing that the proceeds of their purchase will assist felines looking for their own home. For more information about the beneficiary, check out Fortunate Felines Rescue’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


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Published: 1 January 2019

Publisher: Self-published

Category: New Adult/Contemporary/Romance

While Kailey was growing up, she was sure of two things:

1. She wanted to devote her life to helping animals.
2. She would never be without her best friend Cole Martin.

When her father had them pack up and move two provinces away two years before graduation, it felt like the rug was pulled out from under her.

Now she’s in college, finally pursuing her interest in veterinary medicine. Even better, Cole is at the same school. But Cole has changed and so has she. Gone was the innocence of childhood friendship and easy conversations.

Between new friends, unexpected feelings, and a road trip, Kailey’s first year in college will be more eye opening than she ever imagined.




“What can I get you to drink?” The pretty waitress asked with a smile as we sat down.

I watched Shawn’s eyes peruse over her slowly, lingering in places that I found completely inappropriate. He leaned his elbow on the table and broke out a flirtatious grin. “Hi gorgeous. I’ll take a coke and my friend here will take water.”

I coughed slightly as the waitress and my date flirted in front of me. With how sweet Shawn acted in class, I did not expect this at all.

What was almost worst was that he ordered my drink for me.

The waitress walked away and Shawn stared after her, so I cleared my throat and gave a small wave. “Hello?”

“Hi.” He said distractedly, tearing his eyes away from the waitress as she turned a corner. “Sorry, what were you saying?”

“Nothing.” I held back the urge to roll my eyes. “Want to go get our food?” The faster we ate, the faster I could end this night. I was already losing patience with it.

The food was no better than my experience thus far, but it was still the highlight of the date. For a restaurant that was so busy you would think the food would be fresher, but not even. The heat lamps had dried out even the hardiest of foods.

By the end of the hour I had picked at a small plate of food and Shawn had finished at least three. The annoying part was that the waitress kept coming back and Shawn and her would flirt some more. She would giggle and flip her hair, batting her pretty blue eyes at him. He would lean close, soaking up the attention. I resisted the urge to just leave.

I had given up on trying to eat or trying to make conversation with my date and sat there until he was done. I was hungry, annoyed, and uncomfortable with the whole night. When our check arrived, Shawn left with the waitress and never came back. So I played on my phone for another ten minutes before heading to the cash.

Pulling my debit card out of my wallet case I asked the cashier, an older lady at least in her mid-sixties, how much we owed them. The woman smiled at me. “The handsome young man you came in with paid before he left with Patricia.”


Bree Full 8_edited


About the Author


Bree Howland lives in Atlantic Canada with her husband and two fur children, two finicky felines. When she’s not working, her life revolves around reading, writing and taking care of her foster cats. You will more than likely find her curled up somewhere quiet with a book or scrolling aimlessly through Twitter.


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Bring Me Home Blog Tour


A quick reminder that all proceeds from Bring Me Home will be donated to Fortunate Felines Rescue. You can find out more about them on their Facebook and Instagram pages.






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