Harry Potter Thursday: Who was your favorite actor/actress in the movies?


Harry Potter Thursday is a meme of the week created and hosted by Uncorked Thoughts. Each week is a different question pertaining to the world of Harry Potter. You can find the questions here.



Richard Harris is, without a doubt, not only my favorite Dumbledore but also my favorite actor from the Harry Potter film franchise.

It was a sad event when I learned of his passing back around the time when Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was due to release in theaters. As I understand it, he never got to see the final film, which was even sadder. I thought that he embodied Dumbledore perfectly in the two films that he did get to do. His wise old wizard character was funny, endearing, and just so whimsical. I would have loved to see what Richard would have done with the character in the later movies, especially that scene in Goblet of Fire (you all know which one I’m TALKING ABOUT!!! *calmly*).

One of the funniest things I remember hearing about Richard Harris and his role was that he wasn’t going to take it until his daughter or granddaughter said that she would never talk to him again unless he did, she loved the books so much. *lol* What a man.

Who was your favorite actor or actress in the film series? Did you prefer Richard Harris or Michael Gambone as Dubmledore? Let me know in the comments below.






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2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Thursday: Who was your favorite actor/actress in the movies?

  1. HP was perfectly cast for the most part. I think Michael Gambone’s version of Dumbledore was great although very different from Sir Richard’s interpretation. Which such a fine cast in general, it is really hard to pick a favorite. Alan Rickman is the obvious choice but then Helena Bonham Carter was deliciously wicked as Bellatrix. Then you have Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid. Can you even imagine someone else as Hagrid? I’ll go with Snape but it’s difficult because of the superb casting and acting.

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    1. I’m sure given enough time I could think of someone, but off the top of my head, Robbie Coltrane is the ONLY person to ever play Hagrid. Not only his appearance but his entire manner is perfect for the character. Same goes for Alan Rickman. He totally embodied Snape, though I do wonder if Jeremy Irons could’ve managed it?

      I would have liked it if the adults had been cast age correct. They were all at least 10-15 years too old at a minimum.


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