Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Urban Fantasy Books


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes and created by Lainey from Gingerreadlainey.

Urban Fantasy is not one of my preferred genres, but it is a good one. I think it’s really interesting to see fantasy elements in everyday settings. The combination is really exciting because it can make you believe in magic in our current surroundings, something that can be hard at times.

These titles are just five of the urban fantasy books or series that I enjoyed reading.


The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher

I’ve talked about this series before and I really felt like I needed to include it today because, while I haven’t finished it yet, I’ve enjoyed the different fantasy elements set against the background of Chicago. It starts off fairly “simple” with wizards and vampires, but expands to include spirits and the Faerie courts.



Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

This book has an element that I love, in that the main character Richard stumbles into a world beside ours through a door (or, in this case, Door, a resident of London Below). It’s both scary and exciting, to think that there’s a whole fantastical, mysterious world just out of reach. A bit sad, too, because you’ll probably never get there and even if you did, everyone in London Above would cease to remember that you ever existed.


The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs

I think this was one of the first urban fantasy series I’d ever read besides the Dresden Files. It’s been awhile now and there’s a lot of catching up to do, but I remember loving Mercy because she was one of the first badass characters I’d really enjoyed. Her being a skinwalker is a whole other feature I liked as well, in addition to the vampires and werewolves.


Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr

I think I read these somewhere between their initial release, and thus the most fanfare, and the newest crop of faerie books because I don’t remember having anyone to talk to about them. The Wicked Lovely series sticks out as one of the most enjoyable young adult urban fantasy series I read a few years ago. It might be time for a reread.


Shadowshaper series by Daniel Jose Older

Admittedly this isn’t a series I’ve read yet, but it is one of the ones I’m most looking forward to. The covers are gorgeous, I’ve heard a lot of hype about it, and following the author on social media has led me to believe he’s a darn good writer. I look forward to finding out for sure.


Is urban fantasy a genre you read? What are some of your favorite that you think I ought to get to sooner rather than later? Let me know in the comment section below. 🙂






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