Review: Jorie and the Gold Key by A.H. Richardson


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Published: 26 November 2015

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Category: Fantasy/Adventure/Childrens

When Jorie and Rufus planned another summer of adventuring, they didn’t plan on sharing it with a snooty, stuck-up, bossy 10-year-old Nigel.

When the Wizard Grootmonya calls on Jorie to remedy another disaster in Cabrynthius — the theft of the Magic Stones, Jorie grabs the Gold Key and the three children descend to the enchanted land beneath the Tarn. There they find more extraordinary adventures that bring them face to face again with the wicked Lord Fodomalk and his evil butterfly. Their troubles grow as the fiendish dragon not only snatches Nigel, but confines him to a cold dank cell with the illusive Professor Schrinch (yes, he’s still alive and as sneaky as ever).

Jorie and Rufus — and the persnickety Nigel — are joined by all their old friends in this rollicking tale of magic, strange impersonations, and hair-raising exploits. They help Master Nigel with his confusion of the world beneath the Tarn and discover strengths in their new friend that even he didn’t know he had. Aside from spurts of jealousy from Rufus and impatience from Jorie, Nigel learns about bravery and friendship as he struggles with belief and enchantment.

Follow this feisty threesome back to the evil, dark world of Shyloxia and the beautiful, bright world of Cabrynthius, where live all manner of creatures, naughty and nice. Do they recover the Magic Stones? What does that Gold Key open for them? Do they survive the shadowy world of nasty characters? Do Jorie and Rufus accept Nigel into their world? And what about Chook — that beloved baby dragon?

And if you want to know how Jorie and Rufus survived their first summer adventures, pick up your copy of Jorie and the Magic Stones.

Rating: 4 Stars

To see my review of Jorie’s first adventure, Jorie and the Magic Stones, please click here.

Another summer, another adventure…

You know you don’t want an annoying tag-along when you’re adventuring with dragons, but sometimes you haven’t got a choice. When Jorie and Rufus are recalled to the land they saved in the previous novel, Jorie and the Magic Stones, they are joined by Nigel, who has a thing or two to learn about what he used to think was “real”.

Jorie and Rufus retain a lot of the strengths that they learned in their first summer in Cabrynthius, but there is still much to learn. Just because you can be strong does not mean you will never be afraid and watching them learn to stand up for themselves and their friends, human and otherwise, despite being afraid is a good example for readers young and old. These two don’t rest on their laurels.

A.H. Richardson wove a tale here that kept the threads of the original story alive and wound them into new ones, using her words to build from the previous ending and enhance the second book in this series. The writing quality continues to be maintained throughout and The Gold Key doesn’t seem to suffer any from second-book-syndrome (thankfully!).

The feel of a classic adventure remains throughout the story, reminding me once again of childhood favorites with enough unique notes to keep me wanting more. Luckily, there is at least one more Jorie adventure on the horizon: Jorie and the River of Fire.






I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

All media (pictures, quotes, etc.) belong to the respective owners and are used here solely for the purpose of review and commentary.

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