Review: Coyotes, Issue 1 by Sean Lewis (Story), Caitlin Yarsky (Art)


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Published: 8 November 2017

Publisher: Image Comics

Category: Urban Fantasy/Horror

Underworld meets Sicario in this new series from SEAN LEWIS (SAINTS, THE FEW) and amazing new artist CAITLIN YARSKY. Hunted by a legion of wolves that roam the border, women are disappearing. The survivors band together to wage war. Detective Frank Coffey is trying to understand this mythic-level bloodbath when he comes across Red, a little girl with a secret and a sword. Ultra-violent and smart as hell, COYOTES transforms the everyday into a myth we can rally behind.

Rating: 4 Stars

I had no idea what to expect when I selected Coyotes from Image Comics’s offerings to review last week. Going through the list, it was my second option and it captured my attention like no other.

The story of Red (Analia), a girl who lives in a world where coyotes hunt women and girls in border towns, begins with a bloodbath being investigated by a transferred cop. A workaholic, theoretical good guy, just trying to do the right thing, who pissed the wrong people off and got sent to the City of Lost Girls where all this is happening. He’s called to a crime scene, gruesome as anything, Red being the only survivor of a horrific massacre and he attempts an interview.

Shown in flashbacks, we see snippets of how Red came to be in the interview room. Her mother, her sister, brutally torn from her by the ferocious coyotes that she is now trained to hunt by the Duchess alongside other women who are arming themselves to fight the coyotes.

There’s a lot of rich imagery in this issue, from Red’s Day of the Dead inspired makeup (seen on the front cover) when she sets out on her Coming Out Night hunt. The architecture, the Duchess’s Victorian inspired dress. It’s a lot to take in and yet it flowed very well. Nothing’s too bright in terms of color, nor is it too muted. Caitlin Yarsky, the artist, found a good palette to work with that didn’t distract from the story that Sean Lewis was telling.

This being the first issue there isn’t a lot of room to go into the mythology of the series or the backstory of the characters. At 32 pages, there’s limited space for information, so I’m curious to see what’s going to be addressed. For instance, the series is called Coyotes, but there’s instances where the creatures are called werewolves. Some things I was able to garner from an interview the creators did with Comicsverse, which was good but on page answers would be better since not everyone is going to see this interview. There’s foreshadowing to be sure; time will tell, won’t it? One of the downsides of single issues! *lol*

With a bit of similarity to Little Red Riding Hood, I’m interested to see where this Red’s story is going to go. Is Frank Coffey, a stranger to all this, going to flounder or figure things out? Will the coyotes swarm the town or will Red find the vengeance she seeks? Issue #2 comes out December 13th and I look forward to it.






I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

All media (pictures, quotes, etc.) belong to the respective owners and are used here solely for the purpose of review and commentary.

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