DNF Review: White Fur by Jardine Libaire


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Published: 30 May 2017

Publisher: Hogarth Press

Category: Fiction/Romance/Contemporary

When Elise Perez meets Jamey Hyde on a desolate winter afternoon, fate implodes, and neither of their lives will ever be the same. Although they are next-door neighbors in New Haven, they come from different worlds. Elise grew up in a housing project without a father and didn’t graduate from high school. Jamey is a junior at Yale, heir to a private investment bank fortune and beholden to high family expectations. The attraction is instant, and what starts out as sexual obsession turns into something greater, stranger, and impossible to ignore.

The unlikely couple moves to Manhattan in hopes of forging an adult life together, but Jamey’s family intervenes in desperation, and the consequences of staying together are suddenly severe. And when a night out with old friends takes a shocking turn, Jamey and Elise find themselves fighting not just for their love but also for their lives.

Rating: 1 Star

It was difficult to like this book because I had a hard time connecting or even liking the characters. Elise and Jamey were next to dull and I think their position was made worse by a writing style I didn’t care for. It felt overburdened with details, every movement or embellishment explained in detail, not to mention the telling feel of the story. While I got a lot of details, it felt like these were being thrown at me in a lecture rather than discovering them in a good book.

The way the narrative was split up also made it difficult for me to sink into the story. A single chapter would have dozens of cuts between action, like in a movie where the camera bounces back and forth between two or more people too fast to keep track. There wasn’t time to enjoy anything; this style highlighted what I already didn’t like and saved nothing.

Why did I keep reading this? I’m not sure, but I think I was hoping it would get better, that someone would do something or a new character would make an appearance that would give me a reason to care, to look behind the butchered mini-chapters.

As you can tell because this was a DNF, there came a point when it wasn’t worth it anymore. I don’t think White Fur has anything to offer in the way of entertainment or a thoughtful reading experience, so at 29% I finally gave it up as a bad job and moved on.




I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

All pictures, quotes, and videos belong to their respective owners. I use them here solely for the purpose of review and commentary.

3 thoughts on “DNF Review: White Fur by Jardine Libaire

  1. Oh dear! It’s always disappointing to have a DNF! I hope your next read is more gripping!

    And…I just finished Dealing with Dragons! It’s so funny! I love how Wrede plays with fairy tale tropes! Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting the sequel, but I’ll see what I can do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m reading Six of Crows at the moment and it is much better, thankfully! I’m glad I’m finally getting to this series so I can join in on all the conversations. 🙂

      As for Searching for Dragons, I had no idea it would be so hard to get! Everyone’s out of stock, looks like, though the Amazon Market looks to have some or the Kindle version is cheap, unless you want a physical copy.


      1. I still haven’t read that series so I won’t be joining in any conversations soon! 😀

        I was trying to get it through the library. I might have to do an ILL or get it in audiobook format, which I don’t really want.

        Liked by 1 person

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