The #BooksBindUs Giveaway

#BooksBindUs Giveaway

Welcome to the #BooksBindUs Giveaway. The brain child of Sarah K. Vetter from @SKVetterWrites, this is a celebration of the books that bring us together. Across blogs and Twitter accounts, following the hashtag #BooksBindUS, you’ll be able to find people representing books that they have loved, that mean something special to them, and that they want to share with the rest of us.

On The Hermit Librarian, I decided to highlight four books: Mask of Shadows, The Tiger’s Watch, Symptoms of Being Human, and Brooklyn Burning.

Each of these books features a gender fluid character, something that has become more important to me lately. Trying to find who I am, coming to realize that it’s okay to figure that out even though I’m older, has been really hard. With more books featuring transgender and gender fluid characters, I’ve been finding people that express feelings that are more similar to what I’ve been figuring out is who I am. Sal, Tashi, Riley, and Kid are just four of the many characters out there that I’ve found through reading and I’m grateful to Sarah for sponsoring this giveaway so that I can share one of these titles with a lucky winner!

In order to enter, I’ll be setting up a simple Twitter giveaway and linking it below. In order to enter, follow me at @hermitlibrarian and Sarah at @SKVetterWrites. The giveaway is for one of the titles mentioned/pictured above, is open Internationally, and will end 9/15. All prizes will ship in the beginning on October. No giveaway accounts (I will check!).

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