Top 10 Tuesday: My Top 10 Favorite Mums in Books


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In the United States, this past Sunday was Mother’s Day. My husband and I had made plans in advance of realizing it was this Sunday, however, so while we did do something special, it wasn’t related to the holiday. My son had brought me home some plants from school the last couple of days this week, so I’ve got some planting to do soon. Hopefully the squirrels won’t go after them!

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday topic is rather open ended and can be anything related to mothers. I decided to do my topic on my favorite mothers in fiction, whether it be young adult or otherwise.


Mrs. Weasley, Harry Potter series

She was not only a fabulous mother to seven children on an admittedly small budget, but despite not having much, she always made sure there was enough for those she considered family to. She welcomed Harry into the Weasley family and said he was as good as her son, something she demonstrated time and again.


Catherine’s Mother, The Weight of Zero

The main character, Catherine, has a mum who is desperate to help her daughter and tries her best to do so as best she can. Catherine is going through some hard things, but this is one of the few books I’ve seen where the depiction of an eating disorder has a good parental relationship as well.


Becky Bloomwood, Shopaholic series

In book five, Becky Bloomwood experiences her pregnancy and book six, Mini Shopaholic, is set two years later when her daughter is two years old. Becky is not a perfect mum and that’s okay. This book doesn’t make it seem like she’s got it all under control or that her daughter is the shining example of toddlerhood. She’s a real mum that has to figure out how to parent, how to say no, and she still manages to be her funny self through it all.


Katie Nolan, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

While Katie admittedly makes a mistake when she chooses Johnny Nolan, deciding that slaving away all her days is worth it for him when she’s know him not quite four months, she makes as good a life for their children as she is able. It’s a hard life because this story takes place in early 1900’s Brooklyn and they are poverty stricken, only able to keep a roof over their head because Katie works as the janitress in theirs and two other tenement buildings. Despite this and the scarcity of food, she never lets their circumstances stand in the way of her hopes for a better future for her children. She will make sure they have it, one way or another, and that starts with an education, something her own mother never had and which she herself barely has. There’s no room for shame in Katie’s world, only the light of the future.


Sally Jackson, Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Sally knows what her son is and does everything she can to protect him from the creatures that would seek to kill him, including marrying a man she doesn’t love and that treats her horribly. It’s a terrible sacrifice, but she bears it for Percy.

My favorite little kickback that she has is when Gabe, Percy’s step-father, insists there’s no blue food, and Sally makes it her mission to bring home every blue food she can find. As she works in a candy shop (or something similar, I forget), this is a bit easier than you’d think, but still, it’s quite funny.


Julia’s Moms, You’re Welcome, Universe

I’m sorry  I don’t remember their names, but these two do good by Julia, especially the one who owns a shop and gives Julia a wall to paint on. Literally, the daughter that just got expelled for tagging and her mom gives her a wall so she can keep doing what she loves without getting into any more trouble. I loved that.


Hana, Wolf Children

I’ve only seen the anime version of this story, but I’ve heard it’s rather faithful to the manga. Hana, while a college student, falls in love and marries a man who, she finds out, is part wolf. This doesn’t matter to her, however, and they settle down into a happy life. Shortly after the birth of their second child, though, her husband dies and Hana has to drop out of school and raise her children in a world where they are neither fully child nor fully wolf.

One of the most heartbreaking scenes in the film is when both children are very ill and Hana cannot figure out whether to take them to the vet or the pediatrician. She has to battle not only their dual natures, but the human world which doesn’t understand them and seeks to take them away from her, as a single mother. She persists, though, and is one of the greatest mothers I’ve ever seen in anime. The ending of the story is still quite sad, but Hana gives her children as much preparation for the worlds they enter as she could have.


Alana, Saga

Alana is one of the most bad-ass mamas on this list. Again, she’s not perfect, as there are times in the series when she’s a bit off (see: theater troupe), but she will stop at nothing to protect Hazel, her precious daughter, from those that would seek to destroy her because her parents are from opposite sides of a war.


Kyoko Honda, Fruits Basket

Kyoko was a wild child who ran in a gang until she met Tohru’s (the series’s heroine) father. They settled down to have a family, but his life was tragically cut short and she was left to raise Tohru as a single mother. She never let her attitude sink low, though, and raised Tohru to be an independent, self sufficient young woman. Though Tohru does lose her mother prior to the start of the series, and thus we never actually meet her, we do learn a lot about Kyoko from Tohru’s and other character’s memories. From those we learn that she never, for one moment, thought of giving up on Tohru.


Yukari Takara, Lucky Star

Sadly we don’t see too much of Yukari in either the anime or the manga Lucky Star, but I have to admit to a sweet spot for her. She’s the one on the left in the picture above and she has one of the kindest natures of anyone on this list, though she can be a bit of a ditz at times (like mother, like daughter). She’s the kind of woman, I like to think, that would be a toned down anime version of Mrs. Weasley, welcoming anyone into her home that was a friend of her child’s.


Have you are any of these books or recognize any of these Mamas? Who are some of your favorite Mums in literature? Let me know in the comment section below.



All pictures, quotes, and videos belong to their respective owners. I use them here solely for the purpose of review and commentary.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: My Top 10 Favorite Mums in Books

  1. Ahhh I really want to read Saga!! And omg I have You’re Welcome Universe to read too and I’m SO glad it features great parents!! Sometimes they seem like rare unicorns in books. 😂 I also adore Molly Weasley, but who doesn’t?!? She is such a kind kind person. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Parents in books/anime are usually either a) crummy or b) non-existant. What is up with that? -_- Obviously there are exceptions, but still! Then there’s Disney where you know you’re in a Disney movie when at least one parent is killed off. 😦


  2. YES TO ALL OF THESE! Molly Weasley is the ultimate fictional mother – she cares so deeply for her children and she adopts Harry as her own. I doubt that a list of fictional mothers could be complete without her. And yes to Sally Jackson as well – she’s such a fabulous and loving mother. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! 😊

      I remember seeing a post once about what Christmas the first year must have been like. Ron’s not the most dependable, right? He probably only told his mum about Harry’s lack of gifts a couple days before, so she went into overdrive to make another sweater, the pies, etc. 😍 She’s just great.


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