Top 5 Wednesday: Books as Event Themes


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes and created by Lainey from Gingerreadlainey.

I don’t remember what my prom theme was, though I think the song was something by Eric Clapton. However, I do like to think that if I were going to a prom today I’d recommend a circus theme because of the sheer amount of books out that could serve as inspiration. It wouldn’t even have to be prom, necessarily, but maybe a combination prom/carnival?

These five books are all books that I think would serve as amazing inspiration for events whether they be the prom/carnival mentioned above, an off the wall wedding, or anything where you can have fun in a magical setting.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


The book that started it all for me as far as circuses and carnivals and whatnot in books are concerned. The black and white color scheme sets the dress code for the event, plus the trace of red for the devoted fans of the Circus. The tents could be set up for amusements and there are all kinds of snacks that could be made that are inspired by the snacks in the book (caramel corn, candy floss, etc.).

Caraval by Stephanie Garber


Now I haven’t read this one yet, but Caraval is a legendary game where the winner wins their heart’s desire. This could be set up as an epic game for an event, maybe a LARPing event where the participants are characters from the novel?

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye


This would be an amazing theme for an interactive magic show where the magicians are wandering among the crowd. Vika and Nikolai, the two enchanters dueling in this book, have to come up with magical feats that will impress the Tsar. Take that concept and introduce it to a crowd that can decide which wins at the end of the night, and you’ve got a magical competition with some of the attraction of American Idol or some other competition where the audience phones in for their favorite.

Freeks by Amanda Hocking


Freeks is a new release this year that I recently picked up from the library. It’s about a girl that lives in a traveling circus that longs for a normal life, but when it looks like that might become a possibility, she has to turn around and embrace a hidden power to save her friends. Described as a sideshow, it sounds like there are some cool elements within that could be brought out at an event to make it really special, really cool.

Joyland by Stephen King


Now this would be an excellent theme for one of those escape rooms or a series of them where you have to solve puzzles to move on to the next one, etc., until you find the door that lets you out of the whole affair. Take that concept and use a Stephen King novel as the basis for the theme and it’s going to be equal parts awesome and terrifying.


These are the books that I think would inspire amazing events, whether they’re magical or terrifying. Which book based event would you like to attend the most? Have you ever attended a party with a bookish theme? Let me know in the comment section down below.




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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Books as Event Themes

  1. I didn’t participate in this week’s T5W because I couldn’t come up with books that’d make good event themes (or I guess I was just too lazy haha) but I really like your choices! I’ve read Caraval and I think it’d make such a great party theme! It’d be so mysterious and magical! 😀

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