Top 10 Tuesday: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read or Continue Reading A Book


Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. You can find the prompts here.

If you were around these parts last week, you’ll remember my post on things that will instantly make me want to read a book. Well, it’s time to flip that coin and see what’s on the other side. Yup, that’s right, it’s time for the things that will make me instantly NOT want to read a book.

Some of these examples are ones that will put me off right away, others are ones that will instantly make me want to put the book down or throw it out the window.


These are in no particular order but they all bug me to a certain degree. It’s sad because I try to enjoy as many books as possible, but sometimes, you just have to grit your teeth and let them go. Also, of note: please realize that these are my opinions. If you happen to like some of these examples, or some of these might by your automatically want to read topics, please don’t hate me! They just aren’t right for me.

Awkward Cheesy Covers

These are the ones that look like bad colored pencil drawings or terrible clip art mock-ups, covers so bad I’m not sure how they ended up as paper covers in the first place.

Traditional Romance Covers

I don’t know what it is about these, but covers like these automatically turn me off. I feel like I can’t take them seriously. The plots are usually quite thin if they’re existent at all, the characters are stereotypical on purpose. I mean, what is there to like about them? The best examples? Each and every cover that looks like Fabio is or should be on it.

If The Goodreads Rating Is Under 3 Stars

This one is kind of grain-of-salt territory, especially these days when people are moving against authors by rating their books 1 star even if they haven’t read them yet (ex. when neo-Nazis flooded Lauren Silverman’s Girl Out of Water Goodreads page and low rated it). I will say that if the rating is under 3 stars, I’ll probably be way more cautious about reading it unless I know there are mitigating circumstances surrounding the book.

Plots Where Nothing Happens


This book is a perfect example. Hated it, hated it, HATED it. Books like this where pretty much nothing happens are books that I just can’t stand and if I hear reviews about a book to this effect? Yeah, I will probably never pick it up.

Mind-numbingly Slow Writing


This book I finished because it was for a review, but had it not been I would have discarded it so much sooner. The first 40% was incredibly painful because of the writing style. I was severely disappointed because the book had been comped to Love, Actually, one of my favorite Christmas movies.

If the writing is so slow that basically nothing is happening within the first third of the book, how does that look for the rest of the book? I’d expect something to be going on, some kind of plot of character development to  be happening by then. If not, out it goes.

Graphic Novels That Use A Famous Name As The “Author” But Don’t Credit The Actual Writer or Artists


Username: Evie was the book that made me much more cautious about graphic novels that only have one name on the cover because Joe Sugg? Yeah, he didn’t write or draw or anything like that. He consulted on the idea and maybe came up with the initial concept, but the actual writers and artists? No credit on the cover AT ALL. That made me angrier than the fact that the book was crap.

From now on I check and if the book is hiding the artists or writers? Yeah, no. That’s not cool and I won’t be participating in it.

Poor Representation

These two books are personal examples of books that have horrible representation, one for eating disorders and the other for eating disorders/grief/depression. Mental health representation is so important, especially when we’re talking about young adult books. How many young adults look to books for advice, for support? If the books they get have such “shining” examples, what are they to make of them? Books go buh-bye, thanks.

Overly Religious Plot

I don’t care for books that are essentially proselytizing in book form. This is different from books that are allegories, like The Chronicles of Narnia. The former are books where the plot is constantly shoving religion in your face with no real purpose other than to seemingly convert the person reading it.  You can’t always tell from the summary, so finding that out after I’ve picked the book up is sure to get it set aside.

Series With No End In Sight

This doesn’t mean I won’t pick them up eventually, but I’m much less likely to. I understand that it takes times to write a book, but I don’t really want to start a series, get intensely invested in the characters, and then face an even longer wait than those fans that have already suffered for years. The last Game of Thrones book was published in 2011, so that’s six years they’ve already got under their belt. The Archived series should have book three, The Returned, someday, but there’s no knowing when exactly because V.E. Schwab has/had two other series that’s she was busy with (Shades of Magic/Monsters of Verity). I’m sure I’ll love both of these, eventually, when I do decide to take the plunge.

Books With Multiple P.O.V.s That Don’t Have Distinct Voices

Luckily this doesn’t happen too often, but when I get a book and it has multiple points of view, I expect to be able to tell the difference between once character and the next, especially if the points of view are told in first person. There are times when the shifting p.o.v.s are in first/third person, which makes it a bit easier, but if you’ve got two or more p.o.v.s that are too similar and you can’t tell who is who, you have to keep rereading a chapter just to keep it all straight, then clearly something went wrong in the telling of the story.

All pictures, quotes, and videos belong to their respective owners. I use them here solely for the purpose of review and commentary.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read or Continue Reading A Book

  1. UGH YES TO THOSE WEIRD ROMANCE COVERS! Or, I mean, NO to those!!! Gosh, I just can’t stand all these covers with half naked men on them! They’re just so awkward! Who would want to pick up a book that looks like that?! The inside of it can’t be much better! Ugh 😀
    And I’m with you on the Goodreads rating! I mean, I’d always like to from my own opinion but if a book has less than 3 stars, it really can’t be that good and I just won’t bother!
    Lovely list! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never understood the appeal of half naked people on the front of books and, while it’s especially common on romance novels, there are cases of it in young adult novels too. Remember City of Bones? Half naked Jace on the cover. :/

      With ratings it can be hard. Like I said in the post, I’ll probably read the reviews to see if these people low balling the ratings have actually read the book or are lying to make the book look bad.

      Liked by 1 person

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