Top 10 Tuesday: Read-in-One-Sitting Books


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When I was a child and my parents were still buying my books for me, I developed a tendency to choose books that were enormous because I wanted to get the most reading that I could if I could only have one book. I usually couldn’t finish these books in one sitting, which was kind of the point at the time, seeing as these books were usually between 600 and 800 pages.

However, now that I can buy my own books and can also make more liberal use of the library, I choose books of varying lengths. I still enjoy my behemoth books that take me more than one day to complete, but there are a few that I’ve read in one sitting. Generally these tend to be shorter books, but I will confess that at least one on this list will surprise you because of its length.


This is one of the older ones that I remember reading. I have no idea why I picked it up because generally I don’t pick up books that have religious tones like this one sort of did, but I ended liking it so much that I stay up all night reading it.

I remember reading both of these in one sitting per book around the time that Breaking Dawn came out because my boyfriend at the time and I went to the midnight release party, but I hadn’t yet caught up on the books. We went because it was the last book and we wanted to get in on the party atmosphere. However, he kept the book until I finished these two books so I wouldn’t be tempted to cheat and read ahead, so I binged on these for the next two nights to get to the finale.


This was my most recent read-in-one-sitting book. I got it in the mail one day, never intending to sit down and gobble it up, but guess what happened? Yup, a five star read was had and enjoyed.


I have no idea how I managed to read this in one sitting. It is my single biggest reading triumph, I think, because this is the longest book on the list at 870 pages. I remember reading it in one sitting because of a read-a-long in the months before Deathly Hallows was released. I got really into it on the day that I started it and just kept going. It’s a good thing that I started it early in the day or I would’ve been up all night!

The first five Saga novels were one day reads in and of themselves, plus I read them all together in a single day, so does that get a double score for this particular TTT post? Anyhow, this series is great. It can be a bit graphic in parts, what with language, nudity, and violence, but there are enduring story-lines of family, love, loyalty, and the stress of war.


What are some of your favorite books that you’ve read in one sitting? Have you ever binged an entire series in one day? Let me know in the comment section below!




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