Top 5 Wednesday: Books or Characters I Felt Betrayed By


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes and created by Lainey from Gingerreadlainey.

Books are fantastic and they can be our best friends, but they also have the potential to stab us in the back (metaphorically and emotionally speaking). This week’s theme is all about those books and characters that are responsible for betraying me in some manner.

Because this post might deal with some of their ulterior motives further into the story and might even spoil the ending, I’ll post a big spoiler warning here just in case.



The Darkling, Shadow and Bone

I loved this character when we were first introduced to him on the page and for most of the book. Even after certain attributes were brought up, even after his mother said he was a horrible person, I was hoping and praying that they were all liars and none of it was true.

Imagine how I felt when the end of the book came along and he started proving all of these things true. I was crushed! I haven’t read the rest of the series yet, so I suppose there’s technically still time for things to turn around, but I sincerely doubt that’s going to happen.


J.K. Rowling, this whole book

I trusted J.K. Rowling when she said that she was only going to kill off (I think) four main characters. When I actually read it, though, it felt like my favorite people were being killed off left and right. There was so much death in this book that I felt emotionally drained after reading it and haven’t been able to bring myself to read it since it was first published.


Veronica Roth re: the ending

I have to be honest about this one: I haven’t actually read it yet. The ending, however, was massively spoiled for me by a BookTuber awhile ago. This has pushed Allegiant to the bottom of my TBR for the foreseeable future because of how awful that ending was. Why in the name of all that is good in this world did she have to kill Tris? I can’t see any good reason for this in what I have read of the series and hearing that revelation struck me as an utter betrayal by the author against her readers that had spent hundreds of pages becoming emotionally invested in Tris’s story.


Mim Malone, Mosquitoland

I did not know, going into this, that Mim Malone would be as unreliable a narrator as she turned out to be. It felt like a betrayal to be reading about her story and believing her, only to get to a revelation and realize that she was either unintentionally wrong or out-and-out lying to me the whole time.


Maven, Red Queen

I felt for this character. As the second son, and of the second queen, he felt like he was loved less than his perfect older brother Cal. I get that, I could understand how that felt. However, when his and his mother’s betrayal is revealed toward the end of the book, I felt like throwing the book at the wall. His mother I could understand, she was horrible from the beginning, but I wanted to wring his neck for being such a little ass***e.

Have you ever felt betrayed by a character or book? Did any of my choices ring a bell? Let me know in the comments below. 




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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Books or Characters I Felt Betrayed By

  1. Honestly, the reveal at the end of Red Queen felt a little cheap. There were indications of possible treachery, but not enough for it not to feel like readers were intentionally lead to want to believe in Maven, specifically for the purposes of the book then going, “Aha! Got’cha!” It didn’t feel like real character development or a necessary plot point. And then, of course, the burden is on his brother to be the new love interest, even though his brother is also arguably annoying and not particularly likable (at least I thought so).


  2. I’ve felt betrayed by J.K. Rowling pretty consistently lol. The epilogue, so much of the “bonus content”, things she’s felt the need to “reveal” in Twitter and in interviews… I feel like I need her to move on and leave Harry Potter in peace.

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    1. I haven’t minded the bonus content so much, but that Cursed Child b.s. was near on the final straw.

      I wouldn’t mind if she wrote something else in the Wizarding World. Why not write something about the Marauders or the Founders?

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  3. I felt a little betrayed by Allegiant as well, but not because of Tris’ death. I was expecting something amazing to be behind those walls and what we got was pretty stupid tbh.

    As for Maven, I found it obvious he was an antagonist due to how victimized he kept saying he was. I wanted to slap him with the book in the face. Like who are you trying to sell that to boy?

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    1. I wonder if I would see it that way if I read Red Queen again? I think, maybe, I was so desperate for Mare to find someone that was kind to her that he seemed like he would be a good choice, better than Cal anyway. I didn’t get the whiny nature that you did, but again, I wonder if I would on a second read.


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