Top 5 Wednesday: Current Favorite TV Shows


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes and created by Lainey from Gingerreadlainey.

This week’s topic is taking a break from bookish topics and focusing on favorites outside that realm. I’ve been watching a lot of television, or rather Netflix and Hulu, lately so I thought I would share my five favorite shows.


1. Criminal Minds

I have been binge watching this series and only recently caught up on Netflix. I think this means I’m missing one season currently, season 12, before the new one begins and there’s been a lot of stuff going down. Characters have come and gone, babies have been born, and a lot of criminals have gotten into our heroes’ heads. I’m anxious for more, but sadly season 12 isn’t on DVD or online yet so I need to wait to find out what happens.


2. Black Mirror

I started watching this because a friend on Twitter recommended it and the first season just flew by! Granted it’s only three episodes, but these are heavy material episodes that really ask a lot of the audience. She actually recommends starting on episode three of the first season to get a feel for it so you know whether it’s for you and I agree, especially after seeing episode one.


3. One Day at a Time

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started watching One Day at a Time. I didn’t know it was a remake, but I don’t think that matters. It’s a super fun series that has a lot of comedy, but also takes a look at some serious issues: veteran healthcare, immigration, LGBT+, etc.


4. Project Runway Season 13

I know this season is a few years old at this point and winners have been decided, etc., but I like this show for one primary reason: Tim Gunn. It’s kind of a fun show to binge watch when you don’t want to invest in stories too much and it’s interesting to watch the clothes that some of these designers come up with. The challenges can be insane or incredibly artful.


5. RuPaul’s Drag Race

Another series that I got into super late, this is one that I love for the comedy and the theatrics. These are some gorgeous performers and I don’t know how they do it! My favorite episode of each season has to be Snatch Game, when they do a drag performance of the Match Game.

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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Current Favorite TV Shows

      1. I know! When Morgan left, it was such a shock. I didn’t realize it was really happening at first (the downside of being really out of the loop).

        Did you know that JJ’s two kids are played by the actress’s real sons? I thought that was.


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